Breakfast Kit


Pre-selected breakfast items to outfit your rental with everything you need to get the day started!

Bacon × 2

Bacon 250 gr

Eggs 18 pieces

Eggs 18 pz

Frozen Waffles Kellogg's

10 pieces box

Granola Quaker low fat × 2

Granola Quaker with oats, honey,, raisins, almonds and honey, 100% natural low fat

Honey Carlota

honey 370 gr

Jam McCormick Strawberry

Jam McCormick Strawberry, 450 gr

Kelloggs Special K

Kelloggs Special K, 400 gr

Maple Syrup Log Cabin

Maple Syrup Log Cabin 469 gr

Skippy Peanut Butter

462 gr

Bimbo Multi grain Bread

loaf of 610 gr

Coffee Garat Regular

grounded 100% mexican Coffee Garat, 454 gr

Lyncott Coffee Cream 30 pieces

Butter Spreadable Lyncott

250 gr

Low Fat Milk LALA × 2

Low fat milk, 1 liter box

Yoghurt Peach Yoplait 125 gr

125 gr

Yoghurt Strawberry Yoplait 125 gr

125 gr

Yoghurt Mango Alpura 125 gr

125 gr

Oreo Cookies

324 gr

Twinings Green Tea

Green Tea, 25 tea bags, box


price per kilo (more or less 4-5 bananas)

Green Apples

Green Apples price per kg (more or less 6-7 apples)

Orange Juice With Pulp Unico Fresco

1 lt

Instant Hot Cakes Pronto

bottle of 180 gr

Donut × 6

price per 1 piece

Nature Valley Bars oats and dark chocolate

6 x 42 gr

- +
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